Attractions»Waterfalls and Dams

A trip through the numerous forests and hill stations in Kerala will take you to some of the best waterfalls and dams you have ever seen in your life. The water gurgling down the rocky precipices, framed by lush green foliage is a sight you would never want to miss.Be it the falls at Athirappally, Soochipara, Thusharagiri or Thommankoothu, these places show you a facet of nature that is calm, soothing and wild, all at the same time. The beautifully landscaped road to Athirappally gives you glimpses of the milky white waters that gush past rocks and boulders, roaring a rhythm that will make you forget all worries.In summer these waterfalls tone down to calm cascades where you can sit on the rocks and dip your feet in the cool waters. The calls of the wildlife around make the setting picture perfect. Click to view places within each district.

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